Version 3.8

Version 3.8 is the first release of 2022! Since I started including videos on EchoTools in early 2020, I wanted to transition from AVPlayer to AVPlayerViewController to take advantage of Swift’s native video controls and expand the video in landscape orientation. This will make it easier to read labeled structures.

Furthermore, Valves -> Prosthetic Valves will display a larger image of the valve if a user clicks on it. This is thanks to the ClickableImage CocoaPod. 🙂

I was previously using UIButton elements to display images (e.g., valvular lesion severity), but have transitioned to UIImageView with version 3.8. I also added thumbnail icons for menu elements in the table view.

Additionally, gallbladder and spleen (left upper quadrant) POCUS videos have been added. I rearranged the tab bar to have “Videos” first (how I had it a few versions ago). I changed it to keep things more-or-less alphabetical, but based on analytics, Videos are popular and should be the initial display.

Woo, lots of stuff for this first release of 2022. Hope everyone has a great start to 2022!

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